11 December 2013

Back in Manchester!!!!

This was written about four hours before landing in England... somewhere over the Atlantic and south of Greenland...

Oh man am I tired... I've been on a plane for three and a half hours and my eyes are heavy. I know what you're thinking. Why not try and get some sleep? That would be nice but for a tall person, sleep on a plane is extremely difficult. It's impossible to really get comfortable... or even just semi-comfortable. And besides if I fell asleep someone might hear me snoring... can't have that now can I? LOL

It just seems to be an exhausting ride. Not just this flight but the first one as well. Flying into Chicago is usually pretty uneventful and for the most part, today's flight was the same way. But as we were crossing one of the great lakes to get to the airport, we started to descent into the clouds. Really pretty clouds... it almost seemed like you could walk on them.

Every time we entered them though, the turbulence picked up and when we came through the clouds, it seemed like we were still above them. Then just to the left of the plane was another plane. I have never seen two planes that close together. At first it was an uncomfortable being that close and my mind raced with thoughts of a mid air collision.

Then it dawned on me... we're flying into Chicago. We're not the only plane in the sky. The last ten minutes of our flight we flew side by side with that other plane... and as we went lower and lower, so did that other plane. I could feel the landing gear on our plane drop and looked at the other and its gear lowered as well.

And as we touched down, that plane did as well, to the runway just to the left of us. I wonder how many folks in that other plane watched us as closely as I watched them.

Anyway, just got done with a pasta dinner and watching some odd movie. I say watching because I don't have any earphones. Usually on an international flight the earphones are free. Not tonight though. What's really sad was before the TV's went quiet they did say you could purchase a set for $5. I would have done that without even thinking about it. But no one has walked by offering them for sale.

They have offered beer and wine and whiskey but no headphones. Pretty bad for the largest airline in the world. I don't usually use hashtags but tonight I will #AmericanAirlines

Well, I guess I can do some writing and play some Sudoku.... the flight is nearing the halfway mark, so I guess I can hold on for awhile longer.

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