15 January 2013

Kindness, gentleness...and sweet hot cocoa!

Last night, for a sweet moment, I found  peace....I found a gentle joy....a moment of sweet simple joy!

Emotionally have been through the wringer for many many months. It has left me exhausted and teary.

Last night a voice in my head whispered, "bed early tonight Snowie, check in with your HP before bed, say 'STOP' every time a worrying thought enters your head and take care of YOU".

So!! Off I toddled early to bed and lay in the cosy comfort of my electric blanket, listening to some soothing chat on the radio, and a voice then said to me "a mug of hot cocoa!".  Oh! OK! Listening to that voice I arose and made myself a lovely mug of hot cocoa and once again toddled off to bed!

For the first time in a long long time, I felt I was treating inner Snowie kindly and gently. Really taking care of her.   I have not done that in a long time....well, not without feeling guilty about it anyway!

It felt it good. It felt loving.

It was simple. It was sweet!

Must do it more!




Dave Harm said...

Oooooh Snowie,

It is always nice to read your wise words.

At times, I can forget about "little dave" and get wrapped up in the demands put upon me.

I hope your hot cocoa warmed you and let you know you are loved...


Anonymous said...

Blessings to you (((Dave)))