05 January 2013

inches and feet to meters, mm, cm

Been away from the blog for awhile and have been enjoying some much needed rest.  The first week here it felt like was running everywhere and by the end of that week I was beat... or as they say in England I was shattered.

While I have slowed down I have also been busy and enjoying every second of it.  The one thing I don't get to enjoy anymore living in an apartment is home repairs and remodeling.  Well, I have been doing a bunch of it and have loved every second of it all.

The hard thing to get used to is trying to figure out the measurements... a 2x4 stud is 54x102mm.  I have used google a bunch to get the conversions I needed... so while I have been "playing" I've also been learning...

The one thing that is common for the most part is the name of tools and specialty items... though sheet rock screws and 8 penny nails do get some strange looks... all in all though a very good time with it all.

England went to a metric system back in the 70s... similar to when President Carter tried to make America change... I did talk to some people who are a little older then me and they said they still struggle with it but the ones a little younger then me have a working knowledge of both systems

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