14 May 2012

Kindred Spirits

The Kindred Spirits were eight short poems I wrote about two souls who after spending this life together, also spend eternity enjoying new adventures together

Prairie Hearts

On a bed of daisies
broken bodies rekindle magic
ghost’s from the past
longing for that special touch
a warm tender kiss
opening the soul
to a universe
waiting to be explored


Cooing and cuddling
in the morning dew
awaken in a close embrace
moisture increases the passion
kissing like virgins
resembling innocent children
touching and exploring
always fresh... always new
loving for all time

Just Right

Never to hot... never to cold
never to bright... never to dark
never to choppy... never perfectly calm
baptized in a sea of love
christened in an ocean of eternity
joining the forces of water
peaceful... serene... tranquil...
it's just right

Gardens of Lullaby's

Trees provide a shady cover
flowers always beautiful
with a pleasant scent
birds singing lullaby's
whispering sounds of love
together... it's perfect company
surrounded by all this beauty
their eyes are only for each other

Woodland Paradise

Going on a journey
traveling through eternity
a path of our own creation
sweet fresh smells
soothing sounds everywhere
a wonderland of adventure
freedom to explore
together... forever

Open Spaces

Overlooking a sky
that is forever blue
walking on clouds
masked as green grass
just the two of us
in heavenly bliss
where nothing grows old
and every touch is new

Young Saplings

In our own seclusion
exposed... completely free
yearning for more
in our own kingdom
our hearts met
our souls touched
no longer two
we became one
under a maple tree

The River Styx

Traveling along the River Styx
all of their myths come to life
truths are revealed
love is renewed
memories refreshed
no longer one by choice
but one through the Divine
achieving their goal

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