07 January 2012


This ramble fits in perfectly with The Law of Actualization. The law states that we are all the ultimate creators of our own experience and our reciprocally shared realities.

“Our own experience” what powerful words. How does this experience relate with the lives we live today? Through our memories. Our memories gives us experience. As an ACOA, my memories created horrible experiences for a good part of my life.

I knew my childhood was very dysfunctional, yet I carried loads of that dysfunction into adulthood. It took me a long time to put it all together. I speak about this in the article of the month. Some would say it is just coincidence or maybe that I'm just throwing stuff on the wall hoping something will stick. A wise and dear friend of mine once told me, “There is to much coincidence to be a coincidence.”

12 Step Fellowships as well as The Laws don't pay much attention to coincidence. I don't either... to me it is all divine intervention. So if it was Divine Intervention why in the world would my Higher Power keep having me repeat the same dysfunctions that made my childhood a living Hell?

I don't believe my Higher Power had me do the same things because at that time I had nothing to do with that Higher Power. It wasn't until a Higher Power entered my life that I began seeing how my life had come full circle.

Somehow... someway... I needed to change those memories... which would change the experiences. AA, ACOA, Alanon, and CODA began to open my eyes to new memories and new experiences.

Then amazingly my Higher Power gave me the opportunity to broaden my internal intellect with NLP. More awareness came and I saw into the future after I looked into the past. I could change the memories of the past. I could change the experiences of the past. By doing this I can change my future.

Today, I work on creating new memories and new experiences by concentrating on repeating those joyful memories.

And that starts again very soon. To finish 2010 I went on a journey. One of those “Why not?” journey's. I went to England and spent Christmas and New Year's with a wonderful hostess. It went so well that we are doing it again this year. I'm looking forward to it. The main reason I'm excited by it all is because of the memories and the experiences we shared together.

A wonderful walk in the woods, where we got lost. A singing moose. Liverpool. Fireworks on New Years Eve. Walking in the snow. Half a chicken. These things are my memories of England... wonderful memories.

It is from these memories that our experience together was wonderful and I helped create it.

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