07 January 2012

The Experience of Memories

The Law of Actualization states that we are all the ultimate creators of our own experience and our reciprocally shared realities.

The Experience of Memories

a lifetime of memories
a treasure chest of experiences
a reality that can not be denied
following mutual paths
a parallel universe
two people with different memories
yet the same experience

an alcoholic hits bottom with the loss of his home
while another surrenders after a DWI
and the third mourns the loss of their marriage
sharing memories... which they only can
sharing experiences... which bonds them together

memories and experiences start from a dark time
as they grow closer together
new memories form which bring hope
filling each other with excitement
and they feel a miracle taking place

those dark memories... don't seem so dark anymore
replaced with new memories
memories they created
memories with joyful experiences
experiences they created

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