15 December 2011

Part of the day alone

Today, Karen had to work for awhile so I was left to my own adventures... did some exploring in the town we frequent and found all sorts of neat by-ways off the beaten path. An enjoyable day... even with a broken toe and a sore leg and back.

After work, Karen and I went looking around for a bookcase for her flat... and though it isn't called Menards or Home Depot, they do have such a store called, "Home Base"... a load of everything.

What I found out today is when buying something from these stores the tax is in the price... so if it says $11.99... that is the price... you go to the cashier and you pay $11.99... the tax is already included in it... I like that a lot...

Getting it back home was another adventure... it came in a nice carrying package and we walked to the bus stop. We got on a very crowded bus, so we went up to the upper deck of the bus and sat down. I was a little concerned about the trip back down those steps in a moving bus... well our stop approached and we started down, with me carrying the bookcase. The driver hit the brakes and I felt like a cartoon character... coming down the steps... I didn't fall, nor did I drop the bookcase but I did manage to become one with the plastic blue wall on the bus. I just felt like my nose was one with the bus. I broke out laughing, as did Karen... well most of the bus was laughing... it was certainly a Kodak moment.

Been a couple of lazy days and have been watching the debates here about the UK not standing by the Euro... I myself, kind of like it... England is a strong country and they need to takle care of their own before worrying about taking care of everyone else. England has its own financial worries without trying to solve the rest of Europe's and I admire that they won't play "big brother" to help others who dug their own hole... it will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the next year or so...

Tomorrow... we are off to the Manchester Winter Market... last year we went during the day... this time at night... it seems to be quite beautiful by the videos we have seen at night.

Manchester Christmas Markets from Manchester City Council on Vimeo.

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