17 December 2011

Day in Manchester

We made it to Manchester for the winter market... it is an event held throughout the town... ye we mainly focus on only one area. And that's the food court. It is amazing to see and sample some foods from around Europe... some bratwurst from Germany... pancakes from France (crepes)... those were a couple of things we tried as well as some vanilla fudge from Ireland... really good stuff...

I wanted to make a little video of the area with our singing moose... the moose was singing though not as lively or as "proudly" as last year. We'll see when I get back to the states how good it is. Last year we went during the dasy, this time we were there at night. It gave a wrmer, friendlier feeling to it all.

A very enjoyable day. Had a little snow yesterday with no wind at all... watching it fall staright down from the heavens was so relaxing... a really nice and relaxing day...

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