10 August 2011

Tears and Prayers for England

Oh how this is tearing me up. I’ve only been to England once but I already consider it my second home. I love the country. Warm and friendly people.

One of my first stops was in Stockport and one of the first things I visited was the air raid shelter. I thought of how many people spent time in that shelter. Daily, if not hourly, taking cover as a nation laid in ruins.

As I reflected on the lives of those brave souls, I couldn’t believe it happened at all. Outside of that shelter everything was beautiful and still looked like it was over fifty years ago. I also knew this part of the country wasn’t shelled by the Nazi’s as was London, but it was still inspiring how a country met man’s darkest fears and not only survived but rebuilt and made a new home for its citizens. Through my three weeks in England, I was literally walking in a living museum.

A museum built by folks who just wouldn’t surrender and led by a man who wouldn’t run and hide and look for an easier way. Churchill kept the country strong with the belief that they were all in it together. Men, women, and children died because of that belief… a belief for freedom.

A freedom which no longer is respected by the teens of England… nor the parents of those teens. These people have lost respect for their parents and grandparents. England not only needs to prosecute the teens of this senseless riot, but also their parents. Why is a child out at night anyway? Come on parents… be parents.

Politicians shouldn't be left off the hook either. Your parents and grandparents fought for your country as well and for all the people of England. Cutting the benefits of the poorest of society is an act that can’t be overlooked.

I applaud your efforts to get England back on solid financial footing but at what cost? Every society has people that abuse the system… but what about those who honestly live within societies rules? They are being punished for the acts of people before them. From corporate greed to incompetent politicians… yet they lived within the law and now they are being punished.

For those rioters whose parents receive benefits… they are the ones who are abusing all the citizens of England.

You can’t continue to take things away from people and expect nothing to happen. Treat these people with respect. A majority of these folks live a simple life and don’t ask for much. But they are being asked a lot. The poor will not solve the financial mess of the country… but they have shown they can make it worse…

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of England and the many folks I got to meet while I was there.


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