21 August 2011

Praising God's Perfection

The Law of Perfection says we are born perfect. There is nothing we need to do in order to achieve physical, emotional, or spiritual perfection. Our limitations, fears, anxieties, pains, and sufferings are learned illusions.

I am perfect? That was a hard one to accept at face value. All the damage I did when I drank... I was perfect? The recovery I enjoy today is filled with humility and gratitude for my Higher Power.

So the question that follows is the hard part. My Higher Power saved me from my own destruction. A destruction that was far from perfect. Was it an illusion? The pains and hurts, as well as troubles with the law were very real. The sufferings, the fears, and the anxieties... they were all real.

So, I have to look at what is real? The thing I have learned while studying NLP is that we always have our best interest at heart. We do not intentionally set out to hurt ourselves. I drank to kill the pain and not remember the past. At that time, drinking served my best interest. At first, I didn't need much alcohol to stay numb... but gradually more and more alcohol was needed to stay that way. My body knew I needed more alcohol to stay that way, again it was doing it in my best interest. The reality is that at that time drinking was the perfect world for me.

Eventually, thank God, my reality began to evolve, it began to change and my best interests changed as well. My perfect world took a turn and that meant it was in my best interest to quit drinking.

Knowing that my best interests were served in my younger years by drinking and now my best interests are served by being sober is pure perfection. It was the only way for me to find out that my thoughts, emotionally and spiritually, were perfect. Physically? My fingers and hands work. My legs take me where I want to go and feet keep me balanced. I can see and I can smell. Pure perfection.

The key though for me is to realize that perfection is constantly changing and evolving. The way I view my perfection today, will change tomorrow and then the next day and the next. It will constantly change and constantly evolve and it will always be in my best interest.

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