30 July 2011

Oh The Wonderful Unseen Changes

The Laws of Forms states that the most constant thing in life is change and our resistance to it.

Oh The Wonderful Unseen Changes

Woke up... a dark room
open curtains... orange-red sun
rising over the buildings
a car passes by on the street below
I rub my eyes ready to start the day

a routine... yet all has changed
minor and unseen without thought
the sun was different...
the color, the intensity
even its place in the sky... changed

walk outside... a bird sings me a song
every step... changed from the day before
smells from the donut shop fill the air
sweet smells... the sun and birds agree

everyday it changes...
subtlety... yet very real changes
how nice it would be if all changes
were this way...
changes only the subconscious knew
changes it approved

a constant fight...
approving or fighting... that change
the Universe knows
don't resist it... flow with it
enjoy every second of it

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