19 May 2011

War Zone, Backing Out Of Hell

On 2/6/06, my second book will be released. It is a prequel to "Damaged Merchandise," and like I did with that book, this is a poem about the book - War Zone.

War Zone, Backing Out Of Hell

A battle fought... a war raged
not yet concerned for life
brain-dead... body numb
just breathing... just surviving
defeating shame and guilt
... just a dream ...

trying to change
while keeping the past alive
no rules... new rules
bottle corked
emotions running wild

in a War Zone
self-inflicted... self-induced
a hell where survival
would take no prisoners

sink... or... swim
live... or... die
it was a choice...
not easily made
parts had to be killed
then... a new life
could begin

hell had a new name
... the past ...
and it didn't want to leave
little ambers keep burning
waiting for a chance to explode
a raging inferno
with hopes of reigniting
the shame... the disgrace
the end... as it is now known

hell can't be exited
but backing away
a little everyday
the fire isn't as intense
the burns not as severe

a lifetime of remembering
the pains... the insecurity
of a new life

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  1. Thoughts from "Authors Den"

    Reviewed by Nordette Adams 12/19/2005
    Intense poem too. That cover really catches the eye, Dave. Congrats on your new book. WOW, second book! I salute you. :-) ~~Nordette

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 12/16/2005
    Agree with Ed on this one powerful title powerful lines and no doubt a powerful book. Good luck with sales my friend.


    Reviewed by Mr. Ed 12/16/2005
    hell had a new name
    ... the past ...
    and it didn't want to leave

    Very powerfully penned, Dave, and best of luck with this second book!

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 12/16/2005
    Congratz on you book my friend!!

    Haunting write!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

    Love Tinka

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 12/15/2005
    Congrats with your book, war is hell, and we'll be in the present one for a long time,thanks to the division in this country.


    Reviewed by Huda Orfali 12/15/2005
    Haunting write
    thanks for sharing
    Congrat on your new book
    Happy Holiday