20 May 2011

Let's get Honest

It is easy to tell of the evils of addiction when it isn't someone you know... but when addiction "hits home" it is difficult at best - for me it's a nightmare because I know first hand what lies ahead for this person if they continue on their present path...

This poem along with my poem "Generations" was used in Asotin County in the State of Washington, for a press release announcing "National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month," in 2006.

The photo on the right is a creation of mine which later was used to create the animated banners for my website.

Let's Get Honest

Don't tell me your stories
I have tales of my own
don't tell me your girlfriend left
I know that pain quite well
don't tell me no one understands
we know that isn't true
around the tables
they'll listen... they'll share
they're drunks... like me and you

It's a program... with 12 steps
promising relief
with your Higher Power
you'll learn the beliefs
with humility on your side
you'll lose that foolish pride

You'll accept responsibility
for what you have done
making amends... as best you can
you'll start to feel... whole again

It's not about willpower or control
it's admitting we're powerless
and surrender is the only way
just try it... at least for a day

Only one thing you'll have to do
be honest
everyone will notice the change in you
it may not happen overnight
or as fast as you wish

There will be rocky roads ahead
bettered handled sober
then drunk and brain-dead

"I'm an alcoholic"
is all you have to say
it's the first step
to a new life
and a better way

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  1. thoughts from "authors den"

    Reviewed by Ali Flair (Reader) 1/21/2006
    wow! i loved this poem so much and it even made me cry a little bit. i am not an alcoholic but my father is a recovered alcoholic and one of my ex-boyfriends who is 20 is an alcoholic. he worries me to death. we don't talk anymore but i still care very much about him and want the best for him. all of his friends are drunks too and i know i am the only one who even gives a real shit about him which is sad. thanx a lot for sharing your poem with all of us. i loved it!

    Reviewed by jude forese 1/21/2006
    an important message you offer in this poem ... it should be read in AA meetings as a source of inspiration and strength ,,,

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 1/14/2006
    This is priceless in its wisdom and you have paid a high price to understand it and share it.

    Reviewed by Felix Perry 1/14/2006
    Such a powerful message yet still so ignored by those who are still in denial and continue to hurt themselfs and those around them.

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 1/14/2006
    Powerful message Dave!!

    I tried once to let my hubby read one of your confessions...and Oh boy did it explode in my face!!

    Wish to GOD he will get help soon!!

    Reviewed by Cathrine Hottran 1/14/2006
    well written!

    Reviewed by Cynth'ya Reed 1/13/2006
    This needs to be in every church bulletin in the nation. Starting with my own! blessin's to you Bro. Dave!
    cynth'ya lewis reed

    Reviewed by L. Figgins 1/13/2006
    Yes, straight to the heart of the matter! Has to rate as one of your best, Dave, and I applaud your courage in this revealing. No more excuses or misplaced blame-we all must face ourselves honestly, no matter what addiction or obsession. Dynamite write...Lin

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 1/13/2006
    This is an excellent message/poem, that is done with wisdom and understanding. Well done Dave!.......