06 September 2010

Waiting on a Higher Power

An old story I heard at a meeting a long time ago...

There was a man sitting in his house when the rains started to come. He prayed to his Higher Power that everything would be OK. But the rains kept coming. He heard a pick-up pull into his yard and the driver said, "Hop in before it is to late and the roads wash out."

The man said, "I'm alright, my Higher Power will take care of me." The guy in the pick-up didn't have time to argue with him, so he shook his head and left. But the rains kept coming and the man kept praying.

The water began to enter his home, when he heard the motor of a little boat outside. The man in the boat said, "Hop in, I'll take you to safety."

But again the man refused help saying his Higher Power would take care of him. The guy in the boat shook his head and left.

And the rains kept coming. The man had climbed up to his roof and was sitting there entirely surrounded by the water and the rain kept falling.

A helicopter flew over and dropped a line to the man, "Grab hold and we'll get you to safety."

And again the man refused help saying his Higher Power would protect him. The helicopter pilot left and within hours the man was dead.

As he entered into Heaven he asked God how come He didn't help him? God said, "I sent you a car, I sent you a boat, and I sent you a helicopter. What else could I do?"

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