31 August 2010

The smarter I get the dumber I become

Just when I think I've got things figured out I get thrown a curve ball and look really stupid swinging the bat. No, I don't mean smart in the ways of the world... I will always have an attitude of seeking those who search for the truth and running from those that have found it.

What I am talking about is things on the Internet. I thought I had a good idea of how to make things work and how to get folks to visit my site without spending any money to do it. For the most part I have had success doing it... but today I was humbled and embarrassed where my name has appeared.

This month on my website I have been promoting my new sites on FaceBook and Twitter. I haven't really spent much time on them yet but was hoping to start using them both more frequently. The Twitter account is brand new, while I have had a FaceBook page for quite awhile, exactly how long I couldn't tell you. But that page wasn't really what I wanted to build upon, I wanted a page dedicated just to my website.

So anyway I got it up and running and shared them with a very close friend and she became my first follower on both sites. Well, today she e-mailed me and asked if I have ever looked closely at my friends or if I knew them all. The answer to both was no.

What I have done is just blindly accept friends thinking they were in recovery or a cancer survivor. Well, I found out today that some of my friends are nothing more then links to porn.

I felt so humiliated. I learned a lesson today... no more “blind” friends, I will do a background check on those that want to be friends. I want to further my career in writing and public speaking and having these types of friends don't help my cause at all...

I just really feel like a dummy today... well... live and learn... and yes these folks are no longer my friends...

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