23 May 2009

Our most powerful (and destructive) tool

The words that come from our mouth define us. Are we people of our word? If we say something do we mean it and others know it, or are we simply blowing air? As an alcoholic, I’ve admitted that I have no control over many things in my life. But I still have total control as to what comes out of my mouth. For me it must be truthful and above all what I say others will know that I mean it.

Then we also need to understand how our words can make others grow or make them shrink into nothing. A couple examples, a child acts up and as a parent we need to make our child understand what they did was not acceptable. How is that message delivered?

Will the child walk away from that conversation thinking “I made a mistake,” or will he believe he IS a mistake? Will he understand that what he did was wrong or will he believe he IS wrong? Did he do a bad thing or IS he a bad thing?

The power of our words and the way we use them can make others grow or be destroyed. While the power of our own words can make us respected or despised. The choice is ours - the words are ours. So think before you speak.

This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

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