21 May 2009

Letters from Iraq, Part 7

Another touching letter from a Captain stationed with Dad’s son. The letter was written to the Dad. I received it on 5/9/2007

Please see the attached letter from Captain —-. Adam and Ryan are in the same outfit and both their grandfathers served together on the USS South Dakota during WW2. They both carry a piece of the deck of the South Dakota with them during their missions in honor of the men of the “Greatest Generation”. How lucky are we to have men like this serving our country. They both have seen some pretty heavy action recently and I ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers along with all our service men and women.

I just received the package you sent and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you not only for the package and wonderful card that was inside it, but thank you for your past and continued service to our great country and her Soldiers. It is great American’s like yourself that remind me daily of why I joined the Army and why I continue to love the job I do. I have served for ten years now, and every day when I wake up and put on my uniform, I still feel the same passion as I did on the first day I wore it. We live in a great nation full of great people and great ideals. Of that I have no doubt. With our continued support and efforts, I sincerely believe that we can share that light with the rest of this world.

We meet opposition every day in the form of 107mm rockets, small arms fire, and extreme violence carried out against a predominately peaceful society. The Iraqi people, however deeply they are set in their ways, are starting to see the goodness in Freedom. I only hope that soon they are strong enough and brave enough to carry on the fight for themselves. As a country, they are growing stronger every day. As folks like you continue to support the Soldiers, we Soldiers will continue to support the Iraqi people.

Again, Sir, thank you for your support. The cards and packages are wonderful, but the thought that the American people, especially her Veterans, are behind us makes us stronger than any body armor ever could.

Yours in Service,
Captain —-

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