22 June 2019

Finally Walking Together

never thought you'd see the fantasy
it's led to a little insecurity
a part of me has been revealed
the secret has been unsealed
ashamed of what you might think
my ego began to shrink

you didn't laugh...you didn't cry
wasn't sure what was going on inside
kept quiet... someday... I thought
you'd want to talk
but you played some games
the fantasy was now driving me insane

hot as fire... cold as ice
at times angry... at times nice
you'd walk away... than let me in
didn't know if I sink or swim
couldn't just walk away
wanted the fantasy to stay

I know it's pure insanity
please God... please help me see
the child that's buried within
wishing to be free from this sin
tonight I'll pray that you'll set me free
so we can walk together... You and me

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