05 May 2019

What Lies Within

No matter what our past is littered with or what our regrets are, it is what lies within that can fill our hearts and souls with love, peace, and serenity...

seeing the beauty of what lies within
a wonderful gift... given freely
to create... a song
thoughts flowing freely
in a dream like state
visualizing every image

deep in the soul are the words
that make a poem come alive
expressions flow freely
the pen scribbles thoughts
thoughts from dreams
dreams from another world

a world that is seen only by one
visions of love and empathy
thoughts that could never be spoken
fantasies of peace and serenity
that others couldn't comprehend
yet... it didn't matter

in song or in verse
the illusions came alive
the soul was shown
to all that listened
with the fantasy
that someday...
the illusion would be reality

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