01 May 2019

Relay For Survivors

Under balloons, dressed in blue.
They'll take that first lap,
Designed for them.
Lined with luminaries,
Honoring, loved ones,
Remembering, departed souls.

They're our wives and husbands,
Our brothers and sisters,
Our neighbors and friends.
They are survivors.

They endured pain,
For the love of family.
They showed us strength,
Courage and wisdom.

An acceptance, for things,
We could not change.

Tonight, we'll celebrate,
And shed some tears.
We'll walk, share some stories,
Relive our worst fears.

We remember, many sleepless nights.
Visits to ER, poked and probed.
Check-ups, chemo, and radiation.
It's a part of us,
That no matter how long,
Will never disappear.

We're thankful, you had the fight,
To continue on...
To guide us and lead us,
On a new journey...

They're young and old.
They're black and white.
They're moms and dads.
They're survivors.

This poem is part of the Purple Power CD

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