29 April 2019


Cancer didn't kill me.
It gave me a power,
Down deep, in my heart,
It wished to come out.

Cancer showed me a world,
My eyes never did see.
It opened the doors,
To my spirit.
Feeling deformed,
But got no sympathy.
My lover, just showed me,
He still wanted me.

Depression left, I got to see,
The world, with all its beauty!
Sunrise means more everyday.
On my knees, I'm getting,
Stronger, in so many ways.

It stole my body,
Afraid to let it be seen.
A scar, replaced part of me.
Deep inside, a fire still burned.
I knew, I wasn't alone.

The soul, more alive then ever.
Quit - wasn't a word - NEVER.
Days turned to weeks,
Weeks into months,
Months to years.

As time went on,
My soul, released the fears.
Cancer didn't get all of me.
I could still feel and see.
No, cancer didn't kill me.
I'm still alive ... and ...
I've been reborn ... FREE!

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