27 September 2018

A Score And A Little More

The 4th of September 1994 I quit drinking.  I admitted and finally accepted that I am an alcoholic.  The poem this month is a celebration of 24 years of sobriety.  This poem was written by playing around with words and thoughts from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

A Score And A Little More

Lincoln once spoke of scores and years
today I speak of one score and four years ago
on this formally broken psyche
a new constitution was born
conceived in freedom and liberty
with the proposition that life without alcohol can endure

the self inflicted civil war is over
the battlefield of the mind has been laid to rest
the soul… alive and free
free from despair and self-harm
free to achieve dreams
free to realize that all things are possible

today I can not dedicate…
nor consecrate this event in time
instead I give thanks to those who came before me
I give thanks to a fellowship that accepted me
and I give thanks to a Higher Power that never left me

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