25 August 2018

The narcissistic bully

Have you ever met a person who shows superficial charm, has an overinflated self-worth, is a pathological liar, as well as a con artist? These people show no remorse, have a parasitic lifestyle, and fail to accept responsibility for their own actions. If you have met someone like this then you have met a sociopath.

How about a person who has a grandiose sense of self-importance and has fantasies that they are famous? They are sure they’re unique and special, while from their family and co-workers they require absolute devotion and admiration. They have a total sense of entitlement and can not show empathy. If you have met these folks than you have met a narcissist.

Combine the two and you have a narcissistic sociopath. A person incapable of change.

The narcissistic bully

a behaviour can be changed
a behaviour can be improved
from anti-social to social
a hoodlum from the past
becoming a friend of today

a lifetime to develop a personality
not always improved
not always changed
what you see is what you get
sometimes a friend… sometimes a bully

the friend thinks of others
the friend shows empathy
the friend listens more than talks
grateful to see the friend
grateful to be a friend

the bully thinks of me-me-me
the bully don’t care
the bully talks and shuts others down
anger fills the bully
disgust fills others

confrontation doesn’t always bring rewards
the bully becomes the victim
from look at me-me-me
it goes to poor me-me-me
no remorse… no regrets

ok for a day… a week… a month
yet no permanent change
the anti social personality returns
the narcissist lives on
the sociopath stays strong

easier said than done
ignore… don’t chat… walk away
don’t give the narcissist power
on their pedestal they live with drama
they don’t care about you… walk away

the sociopath don’t care
no remorse… no shame… no guilt
the narcissist says look at me
no time for you… all me-me-me
do you really need the grief?

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