28 July 2018

Finding The Simple Life

The Ninth Promise of Debtors Anonymous states that we will find acceptance and gratitude and it will replace regret, self pity and longing.

Finding the Simple Life

A boring life… a simple life
no need for extravagant possessions
add no value to one’s worth
just a thing that will lead to regrets

oh poor poor me
no money for a car
can get it with credit
though it is no longer an option

oh poor poor me
no special vacations… no holidays abroad
realizing there is no debt
yet at times it isn’t much of a reward

oh thank you… thank you
this is simple life is a good one
sleep soundly having no debt
stress free home with no bills

thank you… thank you
for the strength not to keep up
neighbours with new cars and new debt
riding the bus… reading the paper

accepting this new life
simple and stress free
no longer afraid of phones
wondering… how to pay

grateful to accept responsibility
to stretch money… to make it last
to set goals… for a healthy future
thank God for this freedom

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