30 June 2018

Owning Oneself

The 8th Promise of Debtors Anonymous states that we will cease to compare ourselves to others;
jealousy and envy will fade.

Owning Oneself

You own what?
Didn’t ask… yet wondered
how did they afford that?
If they can get it…
I can get better
I can get bigger and newer
And most of all more expensive

Still better than you
I’ll have the things to prove it
Stereos, cars, laptops, and notebooks
Yours? New! Mine? Superior!
I’ll give the illusion that everything bought
is owned and is mine
No one will know what I own
is actually owning me

I don’t own that new car… it owns me
monthly payments, insurance and service
working more hours to pay the bill
I don’t own the latest phone or notebook… it owns me
monthly payments have stolen the joy of it all
deep in debt… reality hits
it doesn’t matter what is owned… what matters is what is owed

Now I own myself
With no competition there is no envy
Jealously is a thing of the past
Having no debt is freeing
No longer living a life of stress
No longer paranoid of phone calls or letters
Spiritually awakened to simplicity

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