17 February 2018

Letting Go of the Faith of Fear

The Sixth Promise of Debtors Anonymous states that Isolation will give way to fellowship; faith will replace fear.

Letting Go Of The Faith Of Fear

No faith in a future
when life is dead
no faith in a future
without money to cure all ills

no fear with no money
credit cards bring new life
no fear with no money
live for today

no faith and no fear
living in isolation
hiding in the darkness
praying to be alone

won’t answer the phone
won’t open the mail
won’t answer the door
won’t be a part of life

to live without credit
finding faith in oneself
new fears of the unknown
a new life set to begin

confidence built with every payment
worth built with every bill paid
to walk away from isolation
to be free from debt paranoia

free to answer the phone
faith to open the mail
secure enough to open the door
a new life being debt free

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