21 January 2018

To Be is here and there

Thoughts for "To Be" is Here and There" came about after receiving an honour from the Clean And Sober Not Dead website. With everything I have tried to accomplish with my sobriety, this award means the most because I got it for just being plain old me.

To Be” is here and there

racing through the day
obligations and commitments
doing things to achieve
a success which can never be reached
reaching for the moon
once reached… it isn’t good enough
now the stars are the goal
but… what happens when
that destiny is found

can’t being “here” be OK
do we really need to get over “there”
more we do… more we achieve
that “there” becomes “here”
and we chase a new “there”
a new level of success
only to be found by doing
somewhere along the way
we lose who we are

no longer can we exist
with just being at ease
we forgotten the innocence
of just… being
there is a reason why
we’re called human beings
and not human doings
maybe its time to quit doing
and just start… being

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