23 December 2017

A Message Delivered

A Message Delivered

laying in a field of grass
in the darkness
I stare at the sky
away from man made lights
the heavens seem so close
I don’t have to reach out
the stars touch me

easily falling into a trance
only broken by the sounds of crickets
away from the roads
and the traffic of the cities
unexpectedly… I’ve stumbled
into my own paradise
surrounded… by Peace

in the stillness
comfort comes quickly
through a message of Hope… and Love
all through the night
like shooting stars
the messages keep flowing

a transformation takes place
where Peace, Hope, and Love
become One…
and I was graced to witness it
in the horizon… the sky turned red
as the sun filled the sky
I realized that darkness
began setting a half world away

and I wondered… who
would be the next to receive this message
of Peace, Hope, and Love
and as every day turned to night
and every night turned to day
the message spread…
until Love conquered hate

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