14 August 2017

I Am Not For Show

The Third Promise of Debtors Anonymous says that We will live within our means, yet our means will not define us. 

I Am Not For Show

A hundred dollar a night hotel
A thirty dollar a night hotel
which is the best?
People would be impressed with $100
yet… it’s just for a sleep
thirty dollars paid with cash
hundred dollars paid with credit

never defined by credit… certainly not for show
not worried what others think
rather sleep with less stress
a little money in pocket
at the end of the day
we’re all the same
head on pillow… sleeping soundly

it’s not what is owned
rather… its what’s owed
tv that’s paid for
not a surround sound with a monthly bill
a 1990 car parked out front
not a 2017 porsche that takes half a paycheck
head on pillow… sleeping soundly

keep your possessions and your wealth
a little money in hand
some stashed for a rainy day
a fine night out eating lobster
replaced with chicken parmesan
champagne replaced with coke
head on pillow… sleeping soundly

no debt… free to be
no worries… no stress
what a wonderful life
not defined by what others have
nor defined by show
not worried about wants… just needs
head on pillow… sleeping soundly


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