27 January 2017

Inconceivable Denial

Sometimes we can't deny what has happened.  No matter how hard we try, the truth remains.  By denying  this fact, we can't find an end and with no end we can't find a new beginning.


Inconceivable Denial

can’t look away
can’t walk away
but… that’s all it can be
its inconceivable
everything that has
passed us by

but I wonder
what would happen
if… just if…
we had just one day
death… or life
who’s to judge

it would be a future
where no one
could venture safely
and hearts would be
broken… as well as healed
it’s a lonely world

where right and wrong
would become one
so night and day
would no longer matter
and the end… would be…
a new beginning to…
a new end…

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