15 July 2016

What A Wonderful World

Step Eight of the Adult Children of Alcoholics Group says that we made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.
There comes a sense of total freedom when a list is made of the wrongs we have done.  It makes it "real" to see it on a piece of paper.  This list also comes with fear.  It is time to accept responsibility for our actions, it is something we have never done.  Growing up in an addictive dysfunctional home is not a place to nurture positive human behaviours.

With Step Eight, we symbolically strip every layer of dirt that has become us and we can look in the mirror and find acceptance for who we are.

What a Wonderful World

Skies of blue… trees of green
I hear Louie singing… what a wonderful world
people at peace… no games
no stories… no lies… no backstabbing

Imagine this world…
As John sung… living for today
where heaven is earth
and hatred doesn’t exist

Alcohol and drugs aren’t needed
after all it is a pain free life
a world of bare footed people
letting mud slide between their toes

shame doesn’t exist…
we are all children of God
shyness left when clothes disappeared
finally we saw all the beauty… of nature and each other

Katrina was walking on sunshine
and we knew we were all fine
love conquered hate… faith destroyed fear
holding hands… what a wonderful world

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