15 June 2016

Wonderful Glorious Food!!!

Oh food!!! How I love food and having new experiences with it. And living in England I have experienced and fell in love with loads of new foods and drinks. For me, top of the list of foods is crumpets. Kind of a cross between an English Muffin and a pancake, you pop them in the toaster, spread some butter on them and either microwave or broil a little sliced cheese on top for a flavour that is wonderful. A great breakfast, or a snack, anytime of the day.

Did you notice that I spelled “flavour” with a “u” which is the English way? I’m going to start doing this more often and hopefully regularly, so I can feel right at home… in my new home… England!!!

Anyway, back to food. One thing that all Americans seem to love is bacon. Well guess what? Americans have no idea what real bacon tastes like. Bacon in England has no fat and the taste puts Americans version to shame.

Of course, if you visit England you have to have one of their delicacies – fish and chips! Chips being fries. The thing that makes them so good is not only because they are fried but they are salted and sprinkled with vinegar – malt vinegar. Its taste can’t be beat!

A recent discovery for me is malt loaf. A delicious type of squirmy bread or cake. Spread a little butter on it and yummy, I can eat this all day. Which leads to another odd named treat. Spotted Dick. No, I’m not sick or have been cheating on my wife. Spotted Dick is a dessert that can be comparable to a raisin cake. I’m not exactly sure what is in it but it is good and very filling.

And finally, one other food. Scottish eggs. It is a hard boiled egg that is enclosed in a pork sausage ball… the best way to describe it would be meatloaf with pork instead of beef. You eat it cold. It is a taste that grows on you. What gets me is how something like this is sold in a grocery store. I can’t think of anything like it that can be purchased in an American grocery store. Speaking of eggs, you can also purchase a cold cut with a hard boiled egg cut up in the middle of it. And yes, I tried it and yes I love it.

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