27 April 2016

So Similar... yet... So Different

My struggles with the English version of English continues... in a good way.  I continue to learn and along the way I am beginning to see the patience of a Native Brit, who tolerates my English better then I regret to say, my own experiences with those who don't speak the American version in a phonetically correct way.  I chuckle at a recent conversation I had with a gentleman about this awakening that I have noticed.  This man is known as a salt of the earth person.  A real person... no bullshit... just tells it like it is.  He said, "You folk (Americans) make everything so correct with the way you talk, we just speak, we don't give a fuck."

I liked that a lot.  The fact is though, that as a British citizen he could say that and make fun of it.  I as a visitor to this country can't do that, so I continue to learn.  Like I mentioned with the last poem the English do indeed speak English.  And Americans speak American.

They are very similar but there are some very obvious differences... the subtle ones are the ones that cause the most confusion.

So similar yet so different
what?… huh?
Sorry… pardon
simple words that tell a story
english politeness
american midwest
perfectly normal at home
yet so out of place when away

thank you is rarely said
yet… cheers is constantly said
everyone is a mate
yet… on the street eye contact is not met
still not comfortable walking on the left
also waiting to be run over at a corner
look left first… the traffic isn’t behind it’s ahead

grocery stores are confusing
bounced around like a pinball
remember!!! The left!!!
from veggies a turn to fruits
leads to “I’m sorry”
bouncing into others
young and old alike enter at their own risk

need warning signs… need patience
need love… need some forgiveness
a new home and a new way
so similar… yet so different

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