12 November 2015

The Power of Secrets... Never Shared

Sometimes a person's dreams are never shared. They were meant to be that way. Maybe it was more of a fantasy than a dream and their own embarrassment helps keep it secret. But somewhere along the line, there is a slip. The person lets his guard down for a minute and someone, quite innocently, finds out about their dream. Both people feel awkward and wish that the dream remained a secret. Neither one knows what to say or do.

So they both remain silent. They both go about their normal business acting like nothing ever happened. Until finally, a new secret is created. But this new secret is shared by two people - who never talk about it.

Sorry for the length of this poem. Those four days were quite different. It is based on an actual event which now seems like it never happened. 

can you believe... in miracles
maybe it was mine
but somehow you keep seeing it
you've entered my fantasy world
not on purpose... but you've unlocked the door
you've seen what I've seen
through my eyes
yet I still hide in embarrassment

it was my dream world
my own private space
you've seen it all
never made a comment
nor have you judged
but I wonder... what do you think
of my dream... can it be reality
or just a silly fantasy

I wonder what my eyes
will show you next
will my thoughts... become yours
I guess I can only dream
and wonder... what's your dream
can it be seen through your eyes
it's a vow of trust
I pray we can share
through our eyes


sharing awkward glances
I know my dream has come to light
don't know if it's good... or bad
but I know... you know... that I know
we talk about anything
except... the thing
something we'll always share
a story we can't talk about

nothing we can hide from
nothing that should be kept secret
but yet... we avoid it at all cost
I wonder what would happen
if I talked about this dream
would you walk away
or would you listen
than smile... because it's out in the open

I'm glad you witnessed my dream
and while I hope someday we share it
today... I'm not sure what to think
and to be honest I don't care
this fantasy... this dream
will always be mine
and now I find some comfort
because it's been shared


oh well, back to normal
whatever that may be
it's now an act we perform
the dream wiped from our mind
but it was real... I know it is
no matter how you try to wipe it away
it happened... you witnessed
an event... that will grow

you'll know when it will happen
because you already saw the vision
it won't come as a surprise
but I wonder... will you regret
... the silence ...
the dream will stay a dream
it may always be a dream
that we'll always share

no words were spoke
but our thoughts will be forever linked
thanks to a dream
what tomorrow brings
will be a new adventure
a new journey...
one which... the dream will tag along


it seems like an eternity
since you entered my dream
life is back to normal
but I wonder
can you just turn it off so easily
to act like nothing ever happened
I wish you'd trust me
that talk would come easier

you have to wonder
how you entered this dream
and I'd love to know what
you thought than...
and what you think now
awkwardness would disappear
if only we could share our thoughts
to lower our walls... being humbled

realize now that the original dream
has created a new one
a dream to share
a dream to let each other in
yet we're both to scared
to talk... to let each other in
sadly a dream died
and a new one came to life

and I wonder will this dream
be exposed... like the last
will the awkwardness reappear
will our silence and insecurity
turn our dreams into nightmares

God help us...

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