13 November 2015

Sweet Dreams

A poem from the mind of an old friend - Horus.  A lovable house cat with a great personality and a never ending quest for food... anyway, these thoughts are Horus'

This plan of mine is slowly working.
I’m no longer chased off of here.
They all think I’m sleeping.
Except those damn fish.
But, someday, this act,
Will bring me a tasty meal.

I’ll sit so still.
I’ll be so patient.
Those fish will forget.
Then they will be mine!

For now, I’ll wait.
I’ll eat my dry food.
They’ll all think I’m content.
Oh, but someday,
Someday, they’ll be mine.
All mine – live fresh fish!

Oh, I can’t wait…
Oh, I can’t…
Oh, I…

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