24 November 2015

Our Holiday Angel

A poem I wrote in 2005, shortly after my granddaughter's birthday... she was the inspiration for this Easter poem.  She is a true miracle! Born with a bad liver, she was placed on the national waiting list. At six months of age, she was given the gift of life, with a liver transplant. This is the season of renewal and rebirth, and for this poet, she is the perfect example of Easter.

 Got your back pack,
Gonna fill that sack.
Gonna fill your trunk,
In your brand new car.
All those gifts,
Will reach to the stars.

Happy Birthday, Jaycie,
Two years old,
As happy as can be.
You fill us with smiles,
And tears of joy.
We'll spend time together,
Playing with all your new toys.

Mom and Dad,
Grandparents, too,
Aunts and Uncles,
Wanting to spend time with you.
We know that you've been blessed,
Protected by angels,
With their gentle caress.

Two years,
You've kept everyone busy.
All your energy,
Running in circles,
Making everyone dizzy.

We've enjoyed your hugs,
For the past two years.
We rejoice today,
Filled with happiness,
And cheers.

Listen closely,
The angels are singing your song.
Today, we're all singing along.
What the future holds,
We can not say,
But never forget,
We love you,
Each and everyday.

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