14 November 2015

External Beauty of a Godddess

your beauty is so easy to see
a goddess…
walking among mere men
your eyes can melt ice
warm and comforting
tantalizing beauty
covered in clothes
making imaginations run wild
visions of kissing every inch
of her naked body

sadly she helps nurture this illusion
mascara accentuate her eyes
contacts hide her weakness
never to be seen with eyeglasses
highlights in her hair
only add to her persona

every year she works harder
to maintain her status… a perfect goddess
and every year some men leave
while many others… worship her
and every year she dreams
of her perfect lover
a lifelong mate

her dream is never realized
as every relationship ends
she feels… used and violated
no one feels this pain
as she continues her beauty rituals
keeping alive the illusion…
keeping alive the dream…

or has it become…
a nightmare…
one created by her own vanity…
years from now…
when the beauty leaves
lovers from her past
and her present…
will ask the same question
who are you?

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