20 November 2015


Do you remember the Twilight Zone? "Don't touch your TV. We control your horizontal, we control your vertical." We see a distorted world where everything is the way we learned - either by books or by experience. Distorting our views of a world waiting to be found. The question is will we find this world in our lifetime or will we find it in our next realm of existence? Distortions is a sister poem to Illusions.

Eyes look but they don’t see
… strained …
to see objects of this world
hidden in cubicles of glass
is that a person or a tree
a picture frame, a book,
… or something else …
thoughts of this world
images learned…
are no help

entering a new realm
an existence never perceived
eyes open… we understand
distortions cleared
a picture… crisp and alive
a fantasy comes to life
never in this world
maybe… not the next
… an existence …

we can’t comprehend
no matter how we try
with limited knowledge
learned from books
… not the mind …
patience and faith
is the path…
to clear distortions
and… maybe…
see the other side

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