01 November 2015

Ain't No Junk!!!

A simple kind of revolution, where we have the power to say - ENOUGH.

Sometimes, the things I find enjoyment in, can make others scratch their heads. A common occurence, that some would view as an annoyance, brings me a simple joy. A joy in which I hope to send a message. I'm talking about junk mail.

My mailbox can have between one to a dozen advertisements for different products or services. Opening this treasure, I soon find out that I'm pre-approved for a triple platinum-gold card with a credit limit of $50,000. That's more money then I make in a year! Boy am I qualified!

Another states that I can use the equity in my home for a loan of up $250,000. Heck, give me half of that and they can have my house!

The letters keep coming and you have to wonder how many more thousands of people get the same letter, yet they don't even open them.

With our new weight machine you can lose ten pounds and have abs of steel, for under a minute a day. This machine can be yours, on our easy payment schedule of 500 payments of $9.95.
Don't throw them away, they're little treasures waiting for your response. So many different objects for sale - nose-hair pruners, dog hair detanglers, and of course, the personal massager!

I use to throw all of this "stuff" away, never even opening them. Then I started realizing this wasn't helping anyone. So, I started praticing the laws of physics. "For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction." I started opening every bit of mail and jumped for joy when I seen a postage paid return envelope. Anything that had my name or address, I threw away. But the rest I put in the envelope and mailed it back. I kind of developed a chain letter between myself and these advertisers. Today, I mailed ads to advertisers, for three credit cards, a home equity loan, and a bathroom spa. I figured if I was worth their time to send me this junk, I should say thank you and send their junk back to them.

I know, I'm only one person. Someone in a day or two, will open the mail and a look of bewilderment will cross their face and it will be thrown in the garbage. But just think if 500 people everyday, sent back their junk mail. Or a 1,000 people or 10,000 people. Everyday, the junk sent to us is sent back. All these loan companies and other peddlers would realize something would have to change.

I figure they would have one or two options to correct this problem. Their first option would be to quit sending us junk. This simple effort would help our environment. Trees and landfills would feel impact.

Their second option would help the economy. They would continue to send out these mailings, but with all the junk mail they'd be receiving, they'd need to hire an extra custodian or two, to keep up with the trash, or they would have to hire a computer programmer who who label our return addresses on every postage paid envelope. Don't laugh, I already have got one piece of mail doing this.

My opinion is some companies would quit sending the junk, while others would hire more help. So help the unemployed find work - mail your junk back! And help the planet - mail your junk back!

Its a win-win situation. Created from junk...

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