06 June 2015

God Helped Me

ACOA Step 7 Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings.

God Helped Me

I no longer want to be hit
I'm tired of being treated like shit
can't you see the pain I'm in
please stop this unforgivable sin

I know you saw what happened to me
I kept the faith… just wanted to be free
many nights I heard the screams
freedom filled my dreams

life filled with blood and black eyes
learned very early how to lie
never got to be innocent and just play
I dreaded each and every day

as age killed the child in me
those childhood shortcomings I began to see
awakening I was filled with shame
I only knew the manipulation game

a new journey would begin
the child saw that we could win
a life of peace and serenity
the future I could see

anger and hatred began to leave
childhood lost… began to grieve
never thought forgiveness would come
the past was buried… it was done

Thank you God for helping me
once a prisoner… now free
each day I praise your name
realizing life will never be the same

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