05 August 2014

Leaving The Fear of Change Behind

The Fourth Step of ACOA says, “Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.”

Leaving The Fear Of Change Behind

So many wrongs
that... that... at the time
was necessary and just
a matter of survival

a child who feared the day
and suffered through the night
secrets kept the child trapped
a prison built on shame and guilt

a child who grew with age
yet... was stuck in time
maturity never came
trust never formed

walls kept the child safe
yet... safety was dysfunctional
safety was built on numbness
numb from alcohol and drugs

lonely... yet needed to be alone
a raged filled life
pushed everyone away
including the Power within

this life... this insanity
had to end... a child needed to be reborn
a new life would begin
filled with fear and uncertainty

the journey though wouldn't be alone
a Friend would join
a Higher Power
loneliness left and comfort came

the games of insanity and manipulation
no longer had life
the old ways died
excitement came.... new ways were born

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