30 November 2013

Is This Really Me?

The Law of Acceptance states that all suffering and experience which we conceptually label as negative is the result of our failure to accept what is.

Could a person be loved after years of hearing they are unlovable?  Can they be intelligent when all they heard was how dumb they were?  Part of acceptance is erasing those old messages and accepting that we are OK...

Is This Really Me?

She said, “I love you”
yet... I struggle to accept it
so many failures
so much guilt
the failure now is lack of acceptance

She sees something
yet... I can't look in the mirror
together we talk acceptance
I do accept her
but... I struggle to accept me

The more she praises me
I wonder if she sees the real me
then the table turns
and I wonder
do I see the real me?

Childhood taught me many failures
punched by parents
bruised by brothers
the physical pain healed
yet there were unseen scars

Those messages were more then words
they became me... I became them
messages that accepted me as a failure
so many years never questioning
those negative messages

No longer accepting them
she said, “I love you”
finally... I can see the truth
worthy of love... worthy of acceptance
no longer is the image one of suffering

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