29 July 2013

Only Love Can Conquer Hate

The Law of Karma and Reincarnation is about cause and effect, self- responsibility, and Universal harmony. All of our actions, deeds, and our motives, intents, and the desires behind them have a direct cause and effect relationship. To perfect, we need to practice helping and serving, unconditional love, and acceptance.

Only Love Can Conquer Hate
tired of the anger... the rage
the hate of an abusive childhood
tired of blaming the abusers
for life's failures and the shame it brought

is this karma?
From receiving pain... to giving it
shame passed on to a new generation
no harmony... just insanity

where is the love
the reincarnation of a new life
no more hate and fear
wanting love and peace

childhood taught that hate breeds hate
this is the karma of nightmares
oh to dream the karma of love
the warmth, comfort, and peace it brings

childhood trauma brought dreams
dreams of love... of trusting words
dreams of kinship and respect
dreams of responsibility and acceptance

the love of dreams was given freely away
and the Universe responded
the love of dreams was brought back
touching the soul

a lesson was learned
keep giving to keep receiving
keep loving to be loved
keep trusting to be trusted

reincarnation took place
a new life began
where love conquered hate

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I try and be 'tough' to kind of 'fit in' to the rat race ! I have decided though that by doing so I am selling out and am losing my integrity. That person is not me. I am me. I am loving, gentle, compassionate, caring and sensitive. I don't want to have to become something else to 'succeed'. I mean as they say, even if u win the rat race you're still a rat!!!! Old messages play tapes in my head that have no basis in reality...I am going to stay ME!