26 August 2012

I Am Aware

The Fourteenth Law of the Universe is The Law of Imitation states that when this awareness is gained, we can more skillfully create linkages of positive beliefs – emotions – experience, and dis-create unsatisfactory realities.

I Am Aware

I am aware... aware of a stolen youth
I wasn't to blame... I was a child
I didn't want to protect... I wanted to play
I didn't want to cry... I wanted to laugh

I am aware... aware of my addictions
drinking to kill pain... to forget the past
drugging to kill the drinking... to forget the shame
dealing drugs and living high... then homeless

I am aware... aware of my shortcomings
some call them defects... I say they're traits
I ended up serving them... but once they served me
it wasn't about freedom... it was about survival

I am aware... aware of my journey
the lows aren't so low... the highs aren't in the clouds
I'm not a god... parents weren't the devils seed
no longer fighting the past... an acceptance brought peace

I am aware... aware of my dreams
living in reality... yet cherishing the dreams
hopes of dreams beat the memories of nightmares
I am aware and I believe that I am OK

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