20 May 2012

The Good Patiently Waited

The Law of Opposites states that we contain dual aspects of humanity and divinity, good and bad, love and hate, harmony and chaos. These opposites generate the spark of life.

The Good Patiently Waited

It was a part of me... it is me
no longer out in the open
it lurks within... patiently waiting
waiting... for that slip
that one moment of uncertainty
then “it” will return

the fear... the anger... the games
all of the past will come alive again
with all the evil unleashed again
for now it just waits...
wondering... how to survive with the opposite

harmony... peace... and love
moving forward... confident and strong
not dwelling on the past...
looking with the eyes of a child
to the future... based on the present

good and bad... love and hate
drama and harmony... war and peace
they all live in me... they are a part of me
the wolf dwells with the lamb
I'll nourish the lamb
and watch as the wolf sleeps

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