27 April 2012


The Law of Resistance says that a person whom we resist is drawn to us because of fears. We can not rid ourselves of them until we squarely face our fears.  


the fears that ran my life
resisting them... yet nourishing them
not wanting to face them
to scared to resisted them

the fears gave me life
if you want to call it that
it gave me jobs
just to have money

then that fear became real
no job... no money... homeless
sleeping in parks... stealing to stay alive
the resistance was gone

the fears gave me love
well... it gave me a piece of paper
we were married
yet the fear still lived

the fear became real
divorced... all alone
starting over... a new life
the resistance was gone

since childhood I resisted the fear
the fear of failing
the fear of not being loved
resisting my parents

the nightmare was the resistance
it kept me in fear
until everything was fear
fear became god

don't resist it
don't fear it
let it flow through me
and let fear go away

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