19 March 2012

A Thousand Times

I wrote this poem back in 2005... it was written as a celebration poem for my ex-wife when she passed her five year anniversary date for being cancer free. It was a happy day for me... I thought our lives would begin again... sadly, that "free" date made me a prisoner.

This poem is also the first time a poem of mine was made into a song...

A Thousand Times

A 1,000 times, I dreamed of you.
Dreams of long walks,
Dreams of far-away places,
Being one, exploring together.

A 1,000 times I kissed you.
First thing in the morning,
Last thing at night,
Many times in between.

A 1,000 times we went out.
Simple dates, always special,
Weekend getaways,
Never boring, always fresh.

A 1,000 times we were surprized.
By gifts we gave,
The words we said,
The stories we shared.

A 1,000 times I smiled.
Dancing a night away,
Holding hands,
Or going on a road trip.

A 1,000 times we cheered.
With touchdowns,
Baskets scored,
And grade school musicals.

A 1,000 times I lived in fear.
Laying in hospital beds,
IV's filled with chemo drugs,
Broken from a car crash.

A 1,000 times we made love.
Always special and unique,
Memories of a touch, a kiss,
Make my dreams so sweet.

A 1,000 times we dreamed of a future.
No burdens or obligations,
Simple joys done together,
Growing old, as one.

A 1,000 times, in a 1,000 poems, never written.
I'm grateful, to call you, my own.
Not to possess or control,
But to caress and share our souls.

It is sad to see this video... I love the song but what I dreamed of being a new future was the beginning of the end... anyway... I hope you enjoy the song

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Regis Auffray 5/14/2005
    A beautiful song, Dave. A lovely offering. Thank you for sharing it. Love, peace, and strength to you.

    Reviewed by Tracey L. O' Very (Reader) 5/12/2005
    A beautiful poem and SONG!
    Congratulations Dave.!

    Reviewed by A PAX 2/9/2005
    a thousand claps :)

    Reviewed by George Jackson 1/30/2005
    Dave, this is splendid poetry.

    Reviewed by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner 1/30/2005
    A beautiful poem, I agree with Tinka, a million in one!

    Reviewed by Kate Clifford 1/30/2005
    This is absolutley beautiful!

    Reviewed by Tinka Boukes 1/30/2005
    Oh great Dave!!
    A million in One Poem!!

    Reviewed by M. B. 1/30/2005
    Isn't love grand?

    Reviewed by E T Waldron 1/30/2005
    Now this is the way it was meant to be Dave! Romantic love, passion,
    and satisfaction in sickness and in health forever!Kudo's!
    May Creator continue to bless you with your splendid attitude!

    Reviewed by Judy Lloyd (Reader) 1/30/2005
    Wonderful Dave and my husband made me feel this way too. God bless the man who stands by his wife int times like these.

    Reviewed by ~ Chanti 1/30/2005
    Oh Dave this is spendidly romantic and touched me to the core. Wonderful!

    Reviewed by Andy Turner (Reader) 1/30/2005
    Going through the sun and rain together, is true love. Nice one David..

    Reviewed by Sherry Heim 1/30/2005
    Dave this is absolutely beautiful and your wife is blessed that you feel this way about her. Stunning write!

    Reviewed by George Carroll (Reader) 1/30/2005
    True love was never spoken so well.

    Reviewed by OnepoetGem * the Poetic Rapper 1/30/2005
    great poem David, I guess we both muddle quite well. G

    Reviewed by Sandie Angel 1/30/2005
    Very romantic and sentimental