10 March 2012


A poem I wrote from a picture...


do you understand... your beauty
the stars in your eyes
that warm up a cool autumn night
a look that hypnotizes your prey

your long blonde hair
gently swaying with the breeze
like a transparent veil
covering those beautiful eyes

but the eyes only share part of the story
the hair that cuddles your feminine neck
and prepares the soul
for a glimpse of the goddess

small in stature
presenting a body
created to be hugged and kissed
every inch... a taste of perfection

every touch... a new sensation
the heart pounded with excitement
while hands gently explored
and her eyes winked approval

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  1. Thoughts from Authors Den

    Reviewed by Linda Settles 2/8/2009
    Oh the beauty of romance, Dave. A dance of delight.

    Reviewed by Liana Margiva 2/7/2009