02 January 2012

Another end... or a new beginning?

Well... my vacation is nearing its end. Tomorrow (Tuesday) I will board my first of three planes for the journey back to Nebraska. Then the rest of the week will be spent getting my body used to the time change again.

It was another great visit. I just love winters in England. It's cool but not cold and it still amazes me how green everything is and how everything is growing.

We spent the final afternoon walking the canal and the sounds of waterfalls and ducks filled the air. Is it really January?

Last year I saw England through the eyes of a child... everything was brand new. From the way they drive cars to the way our languages differ. This year, it was seen through the eyes of an adult... learning how and why this country does things.

A couple of things struck me this week about how, at times, this country has stayed in the past and has done it brilliantly. Again, it is January and in the afternoon you can hear the ice cream truck riding down the road. And guess what? The milkman still thrives here and delivers a couple of times a week.

And again, I found some new taste treats and can't wait to see if I can duplicate them back in Nebraska. Maybe I enjoyed to many taste treats though... my clothes seem to be more snug then they were three weeks ago and it is a "work out" tying my shoes. LOL

Anyway, my last evening will be spent relaxing and packing and getting ready to head back. *mutter mutter groan*

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