20 November 2011

Tender Years

There are times when I remember the past and it's filled with "What if's." What if I didn't drink? Would those Tender Years have been something special? The answer I'll never know. I can't go back and change the past... but I have learned from it.

Tender Years

swimming in the moonlight
your eyes sparkling... a wonderful sight
I remember those tender years
laying on the beach... took away my fears

had a chance... just you and me
the moon and the stars we could see
your touch and tenderness
that innocence... I miss

remembering our time together
the love we shared... ours forever
I think of those tender years
often... washing away my tears

we had dreams and hope
lost it... smoking dope
a child's deadly stare
just part of my nightmare

tender years... gone in a flash
from love to hate... so fast
it wasn't all bad
but the end... so sad

good-bye tender years
can't see through my tears
broken heart... it's done
hoping for the Rising Son

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